5 Reasons to 360

Feb 20, 2021

The 360 virtual tour is not a passing fad, but an effective tool in an Estate Agent’s toolbelt for increasing engagement and sales. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of reasons why having a virtual 360 tour on your property listing is a modern, essential feature.

1. Increase the number of properties your clients view.

Research suggests that buyers prefer to create a bank of potential properties before they consider reaching out to an Estate Agent indicating that they prefer to retain independent choice-making as far as possible. In fact, 67% of buyers agreed that they would make their own shortlist before making contact with an agent. Viewer independence can be enhanced with virtual 360 tours since buyers can view the full property at their convenience with no need for contact with agents. The logic is, the more properties a potential client can view, and the faster they can do it, the more likely they are to find something they like from your site.

2. Save your company some time.

We know how time-consuming it is for agents to make viewings with several clients, prep a house, spend time answering questions and manage a follow up. At many of these stages, agents contend with the dreaded cancel, or worse, the no show. All this time costs money. By removing the weakest link
(interaction) the buyer doesn’t need to make commitments or show false enthusiasm. This helps filter serious viewers and save time and money.

3. Available 24/7 from anywhere.

Unlike agents, a virtual tour can be accessed by clients on a 24 hour basis. This is a brilliant opportunity tocatch new clients who may work unusual hours or have busy lives.

4. Closing the Distance.

Increasingly, people are willing to relocate across borders to find work or new opportunities. For people looking to go far, the virtual tour saves time and money for the potential buyer and closes the deal with buyers who are not in the immediate vicinity.

5. Increasing buyer engagement and confidence.

In a digital world, buyers are increasingly sceptical about the quality of the homes and the services they might receive from the estate agent. Virtual tours are great for showing honest, unadulterated images of the homes from all angles – even its less flattering ones. This allows the buyer to feel confident that nothing has been missed or intentionally hidden, therefore instilling some confidence in their choice when they approach the agent themselves.


There are few downsides to including a virtual tour in your listing and they’re shown to bring in positive results for the agent.

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